Create a kitchen wish list file. This helps the homeowner communicate clearly their wants and desires to their kitchen designer. Magazine cutouts, printed pictures from the internet, and the rough measurements of the existing space are all key components to the file. Samples of cabinet finishes, counter top materials, flooring, backsplash tiles, paint samples and any materials or images that are an inspiration for the vision will assist in creating a smooth design and renovation process.

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Kitchen Reno's - Step #1

While most homeowners have an idea as to what they would like to spend, it's important to visit kitchen showrooms and appliance showrooms to determine whether or not the budget is realistic. The cabinet door style, wood species and finish along with decorative features and interior space saving accessories all contribute to the overall cost. In addition to the cost of the cabinets and appliances, considerations include: contruction costs, plumbing and electrical - both labour and fixtures, flooring, backsplash, counter tops, paint, window coverings, and furnishings. It's important to remember that there is a wide selection of choices in the marketplace which cater to a variety of budgetary requirements.

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Kitchen Reno's - Step #2

When first meeting with the kitchen designer, he or she will tour with the homeowner through the showroom to further narrow down the choices. Typical considerations for the new kitchen include: What height cabinets are most suitable for the space? How are corners to be addressed? - is a pie cut cabinet with a lazy susan or a magic blind corner cabinet more favourable? Is there ample space for an island or a peninsula? Is seating required in the kitchen? What about a computer desk? What type of style is being considered? Is the homeowner a consummate traditionalist, an urban modernist, or somewhat includes the design drawings along with the quotation getting the client steps closer to their dream kitchen.

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Kitchen Reno's - Step #3

Once the client has reviewed all the proposals, costs and materials it's decision time. Upon signing the contract with the designer, they will be required to also sign the floor plan, elevations and appliances specifications along with of course providing a deposit. At this time the designer will give an estimated week of delivery and installation. Factors that affect lead times include complexity of the design and cabinet finish. For instance, is the finish a standard stain or is it glazed or antiqued? The estimated delivery will then need to be conveyed to the contractor and any other outside trades involved.

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Kitchen Reno's - Step #4

It's now the home stretch! At this stage the old cabinets are out and additional renovations have been completed. Newly painted walls, plumbing rough ins, electrical rough ins and other changes such as new floors provide a clean canvas for the cabinet installation. A representative from AyA's scheduling department will call the client a week or so prior to the initial estimated timeline to firm up the delivery of the cabinets and make final payment arrangements. The length of the installation process will be dependent upon the size and details of the cabinets.

For example, a mid-size kitchen with moderate details will result in a 2 to 3 day installation. in some instances the installer will need to return to complete the installation. Paneling the fronts of the refrigerator or dishwasher will necessitate the need for a return visit once the appliances have been installed.

The finishing details say it all... Just a few more steps until the homeowners will be cooking up a storm in their new kitchen! Now that the cabinets are installed, the counter top will be templated (unless plastic laminate was chosen in which case the top can be ordered at the same time as the cabinets). Typical lead times for the fabrication of the top are 2 to 4 weeks. Once the top is installed the appliances, plumbing fixtures, plumbing hook ups, electrical hooks and backsplash can be completed. Any outstanding service parts for the cabinets can be installed at this time.

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